As a mother of two kids have often found it difficult to come across simple recipes. Everywhere I looked has been full of fancy dishes. As I faced this difficulty so I thought why not share some easy recipes which are useful in our daily cooking regime. The recipes that are shared with me are absolutely non spicy. Both my Indian as well as my continental recipes do not have any fancy ingredients.It’s usually thought that Punjabi food is spicy  but as you go along my recipes you will realize that  good tasty food is all about right ingredients and lesser spices. A good meal comprising of dal, sabzi and roti is always  nutritious and filling. But there are times when we want to eat something interesrting. Would’nt it be great if we could make something in minimum time and with very few ingredients. Hope all of out there find this useful and enjoy the recipes. Please update me with your suggestions.

I would love to share any suggestions you have.

Sometimes the most sumptuous dishes can be made with minimum ingredients.

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